10 Marketing Words that Either Kill or Convert

    An email marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways encourage potential customers to take action. However, watch out for certain marketing terms that can kill your conversion rate by turning readers off. Here’s our list of terms to avoid, as well as terms that will cause readers to take positive action.



    Terms to avoid:



    If you need to use the word "honestly" to preface a sentence, does that mean that everything else you wrote wasn’t honest? “Honestly” implies to readers that you aren’t exactly the honest type.



    “Hurry” is the overused and watered-down version of “Act now.” (The latter phrases creates a more heightened sense of urgency).



    Nothing in life is guaranteed: using the word “guaranteed” can turn even the most keen readers into skeptics. 


    Click here

    Using vague language, such as "Click here," will confuse readers: they won’t know why they should click the link, or where the link will take them. 



    Sentences written in caps-lock imply to readers that you are yelling at them (not exactly a pleasant experience for them). It is also significantly more difficult to read sentences in all-caps. 


    Terms that convert:



    This word creates a sense of urgency, telling readers to take action right away.



    Readers like to know that they are part of a VIP group. This may cause readers to act quickly for two reasons: 1)readers trust that they have been given a better deal than others, and 2)they want to maintain their elite status. 


    Best sellers

    It must be a best seller for a reason, right? Readers are more likely to trust and appreciate a product that is already well loved by others.



    Readers tend to appreciate an email when you make it about them. Address your message to them directly to make it more personal.


    Thank you

    A little gratitude goes a long way. Be humble and appreciative of your readers! 

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