10 No-Fail Blog Topics

    Hooray, you've done it! You've finally gotten around to creating your very own blog. The next question is: what to write about now? Take a look at these topic suggestions when your well of inspiration is running dry.


    1. Answer Commonly Asked Questions

    Address the most pressing needs of your industry and be a hero! Scour relevant forums, get intel from your customer support team, and pay attention to comments on your social media pages to find the most critical concerns.

    2. Make a Prediction


    Can you predict the future? Probably not, but it'll be fun to see how close (or how wide of the mark) you can get. Is there a trend that looks like it'll be making a comeback? Can you guess the next big innovation? What will be the next must-have product for your industry? 

    3. Make an Announcement 

    Don't be shy! Feel free to let your readers know when you're launching a new product, holding a promotion, or adding a new staff member to the team. Make it a party.

    4. Tips and Tutorials

    An obvious one, but a good one. Many users go to the internet for help, and those how-to articles will never go out of style.

    5. Double Dip with Your YouTube Uploads

    If you've created an amazing video, go ahead and embed it in a blog post. Throw in some text before and after the video to add some context. Some readers will appreciate the extra insight. 

    6. Compile the Best Resources

    Do you know the best places to source organic ingredients for cheap? Got a list of go-to spots to find reviews on the web? Sharing is caring- get that information out there.

    7. Product Face-Off

    Pros and cons, specific stats, product reviews- list them side by side and let the product battle begin! 

    8. Hold a Contest or Giveaway


    It goes without saying- people like free things. Give away a few of your best-selling items, release some products to a few lucky fans before their official launch, or hold a kooky contest. Collaborate with a sponsor or partner to accumulate a wider variety of shiny freebies.  Win-win-win.

    9. Agree with a Guru

    Be a cheerleader for a master of your field- share their insights and add some comments of your own.

    10. Disagree with a Guru

    On the other hand, don't be afraid to stir up some controversy by taking it up with the Yoda of your industry. Just be prepared for a little debating in the comments!

    How do you like our list? Have any ideas you'd like to add? Give us a shout in the comments!


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