3 Health-Care Template Designs You'll Love

    Looking to start a website for your health care clinic? Here are 3 templates that you could modify for your practice! Whether you're a dentist, massage therapist, counsellor, chiropractor, or human superstar, these designs are sure to inspire you.

    Pro tip: don't see a design for your practice? By just changing a few key images, it can cater the design to fit your needs perfectly. 


    Chiropractic Care


    If you have a large background image, this template is a winner. This design evokes a modern feel and keeps it easy for visitors to navigate through your site.


    Family Dental Health


    Choose this classic layout if you have many images you want to showcase, or want to make use of the large selection of stock images in the Website.com library.


    Massage Clinic


    This template also showcases a large image above the fold (the part of your website that you see before you need to scroll), but also incorporates smaller images further down the home page.

    Have any suggestions for some great templates? Let us know! Our template designers are always creating fresh designs.


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