3 Surprising Ways to Make Your Biz More Cuddly and Approachable


    We all just want to be loved, don't we? Having an inviting and approachable brand is something that you can definitely achieve. When it comes to creating a likeable persona, we think it's safe to say: give some love, and you'll get some love.


    1) Get Personal


    If you've got an online store, instead of featuring your best sellers or your seasonal promos, feature the top picks as chosen by your employees. To add that personal touch, highlight the product next to a friendly write-up about your employee.


    2) Give Back


    Either for short term or long term, consider donating a portion of your proceeds to a cause that you care about. Bonus points if the cause relates to your product! Toms "the one for one"  is a great example of a business model that gives back. 

    Alternatively, you can volunteer your time in a charity event, or act as a sponsor for a worthwhile cause. 


    3) Hold a Webinar 


    Webinars are a highly effective yet highly underestimated medium. They are a great way to share your expertise and personally connect with existing or potential clients. Because users actively choose to participate in your webinar, you can be sure that you have their rapt attention. Speaking at a webinar is a way for users to get to know the real "you" behind your business. 

    Want a less formal way to communicate with your clients in real time? Try a live streaming service such as Youtube Live Streaming 

    Or have a gaming business? Try a more niche service such as Twitch.tv.

    There are other streaming services out there, do your research and choose the one that piques your interest.

    Have any more ideas on how to make your business everyone's best friend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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