5 Great Video Hosting Sites

    Video Hosting is a tricky business. Hosting videos using a video hosting site, rather than uploading your videos directly to your site is a great way to save space. This list will give you some examples of other free video hosting websites for you to use, which can then be linked to from website.com


    1. Youtube

    This is the big one. Everyone has heard of youtube, and probably visits it at least once per day. It's here that you'll find the largest selection of cat videos on the internet. It's social media and ability to be linked to your gmail make youtube the most popular choice for video hosting. 


    2. Vimeo

    Vimeo is another website you've probably heard of. Here you'll find more artistic and short films than you do on youtube. There are also paid options which can provide you with more space.


    3. Dailymotion

    Dailymotion is another commonly used video hosting site. Although you're limited to 720p, it's an effective way to share videos and has a pretty vast selection of videos for you to browse as well. 


    4. Vid.me

    Vid.me is great for quickly uploading your videos for playback. It can be done right from your phone and is very mobile friendly. Vid.me is designed for personal videos and quick user experience. 


    5. Tinypic

    Tinypic is another quick and easy to use video hosting site. Unlike the other's Tinypic is also great for hosting images as well. Easily upload videos for sharing across all social media websites. 


    And there you have it. 5 great websites where you can host and share your videos for free. When used in conjunction with website.com by linking the video tool to your hosted video, instead of uploading the usually large file to your personal site, you can see how having these sites is a fantastic tool in your web design arsenal. 


    Any more video hosting ideas? Post them in the comments below. 


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