5 Ways to Make your Website Holiday Friendly

    Tis the season for joy, love and family. But why should your website have to miss out on the holiday cheer? Here are 5 ways you can make your website more holiday friendly. 


    1. The Fancy Shape Tool

    This tool is great for creating fun, simple animations or scenes on your web page. The tool even includes some preset holiday shapes such as snowflakes, presents and stars. You can utilize this tool to give your pages some extra holiday flair!


    2. Change Your Colour Scheme to Something More Festive

    The Website.com builder allows you to easily customize the colours of your page. This can be done by changing the colour scheme, which changes the various colours found throughout your site. These can be colour changes background, text or even the fancy shapes. The best part is, once holiday season is over, you can easily switch back. 


    3. Create a Holiday Themed Blog

    The Website.com builder allows the easy addition of blog pages to your site. Using this, you can easily create holiday themed blog posts to draw in more visitors. Have ideas about how to make the perfect turkey dinner? Or have a great DIY christmas ornament guide, put it in your blog. Blog pages are great for increasing Search Engine Optimization because you're constantly adding new content. 


    4. Create a Holiday Sale 

    Have an online store? The holidays are a time for giving. What better way to give than with a holiday sale. You can simply edit the prices on your website.com eStore page. Make sure to advertise on your site, that you're doing the sale too. 


    5. Change your font to something more holiday cheery. 

    Have a great holiday website means that you invoke the feeling of cheer from all aspects. This includes your font choice. Website.com provides some fantastic font options for the holidays. Some font examples are "Homemade Apple," "Mountains of Christmas" and "Pacifico". 


    And there you have it. 5 ways to spread some holiday cheer using your website.com website. Remember, a good holiday website is simple and clean. If you have any more ideas on how to make your site a little more cheery, leave them in the comments below. 


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