5 Web Design Crimes Picked By Our Graphic Designer


    We talked to one of our graphic designers, Yuki, to ask her about the top design pet peeves. Here's what she came up with:


    1)Comic Sans


    "Comic Sans is almost universally and inexplicably hated- maybe because it is overused and gives off a faux-childish feeling. If you do want to evoke a playful feeling, try using a more unique handwritten font such as 'Indie Flower,' 'Architect's Daughter,' or 'Coming Soon.'"


    2)More than 3 typefaces on your website


    "This makes your website too messy. Less is sometimes a lot more."


    3)Inconsistent Text Alignment


    "If your text is aligned to the left, all your text blurbs should be aligned to the left. Otherwise, your website will look disorganized."


    4)Pixelated images


    "Low resolutions images (images that look 'fuzzy' or 'pixel-y') can make your website look cheap and amateur."


    5)Too many effects


    "You don't need drop shadows, animations, bouncing/sliding/fading transitions, gradients, etc. to make an impressive website. The key is to keep things consistent and simple. If you want to use an animation effect, try sticking to one effect and use it sparingly throughout your website." 

    Have you been committing these design crimes? Let us know if you agree or disagree with Yuki's peeves!


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