8 Habits of Highly Confident People

    Get that "It" factor.


    Confidence. We all wish we could "Fake It 'Til We Made It," but in the meantime, here are some practical, everyday habits that we can use NOW to build that confidence we need as an entrepreneur. 


    1) Learn something new everyday


    Confident people know that knowledge is power, and they don't put limits on what they can discover next.

    They know that no matter how packed their schedule is, they can always find a little time to learn something new. Whether playing a language CD on the drive to the office, or reading a book on bus, they know that learning something new can open up their worldview. 


    2) Prepare


    Self-possessed people know to be prepared. While life can often throw curveballs, confident people take the time to learn everything there is to know about their industry, think of solutions for possible future obstacles, and control all the variables that they can. While they may appear (or claim) to "wing it" from time to time, being prepared gives them the tools to roll with the punches.


    3) Volunteer and give back


    Confident individuals know the benefits of volunteering. Through volunteering regularly, individuals can make new friends through working towards a similar cause, achieve a sense of purpose, increase social skills, and get a sense of accomplishment. According to a study at the London School of Economics, helping others also increases happiness. Happiness and confidence often go hand in hand! 


    4) Get curious


    Self-assured people look for others who are more experienced than them, and learn from them. They ask questions about their world and are constantly open to new experiences.


    5) Exercise


    Exercise: it keeps you in shape, rejuvenates the skin, and is an overall mood enhancer. Furthermore, confident people know that fulfilling an exercise plan helps them gain a sense of accomplishment. 


    6) Sleep


    Being sleep-deprived is often worn as a badge of honour these days- but the benefits of sleep are too numerous to list out. Confident people recognize that they need sleep in order to make solid decisions, think clearly, and keep their mood up.


    7) Build others up


    Building others up places the focus away from themselves and helps to reveal the bigger picture. Giving credit where credit is due, admiring the positive aspects of others, and lending a helping hand are habits of highly confident people.


    8) Build themselves up


    Last but not least: confident people take the time to celebrate their feats and acknowledge their accomplishments. Whether it be through sharing their victories with a trusted friend, treating themselves to favourite food, or writing down their accomplishments in a journal, confident people work to build themselves up.

    Do these habits sound familiar to you? Let us know if there's anything you want to add in the comments!


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