9 Tips on Creating a Stunning Online Store

    There are millions of web stores on the internet and if you want people to go into yours, you need to stand out. We have compiled a list of some of the things you can do to make your ecommerce site shine.

    So, let’s get inspired!


    1. Take advantage of the built-in product status feature

    Special deals and on-sale items are always good to coax the customers who are “just browsing.” There will always be online surfers who don’t know what they are want exactly; they just want to hang around and browse. Your goals as an online seller is to show them what they are missing out on.

    Similarly, if items are out of stock, make it clear by marking them with the appropriate statuses. This way, you avoid situations where angry customers are constantly emailing to ask where is their purchase.



    2. Include stunning product images

    If you want to sell your products, you need to have stunning product images. After all, ecommerce is all about buying with your eyes since you don’t get to see or touch the real thing until it’s been delivered. Having plenty of quality product images is a good way to attract more business. Blurry or pixilated photos are major put-offs as well as bring down the quality of your website.


    3. Payment systems icons

    If you're subscribed to the Ecommerce Plan, you have access to the PayPal-integrated payment processor. This means your customers can pay you using a major credit card as well as PayPal on your website. You might want to place these payment icons at the footer of your website. This helps clarify payment options in advance so there are no surprises that might end with abandoned shopping carts.


    4. Social media sharing buttons

    Word-of-mouth is actually one of the most effective marketing strategies. Social media is the today’s word-of-mouth and you cannot afford to sit out on the promotion opportunities social media brings.

    You will find social sharing links and buttons for major social media websites in your editor. For example, you can easily add a Facebook Like or a Pinterest Pin button on your website so that your visitors can easily share your website and products.



    5. Include testimonials

    If you have any lovely emails from customers complimenting your outstanding service or product, make sure potential customers see it, too. You can easily create a testimonials page in your editor.

    You can choose from a variety of pre-designed layouts, just simply enter the customer’s testimonial.



    6. Be mobile-friendly

    Your customers are using tablets and smartphones to make purchases. You need to make sure your online store is mobile-friendly. But, you don’t have to panic -- when you add the Product Catalog app onto your website, the desktop and mobile versions of your product and checkout pages are all integrated seamlessly into your website. Not only does this create a better user experience, it also enables your online store to adapt to visitors using mobile devices. In other words, your online store becomes mobile-friendly too.


    7. Wow your visitors with a clean, user-friendly design

    Have you ever walked into a store that is disorganized, messy and dirty? Not very inviting indeed. We all love stores that are bright, clean, spacious, and has a very comfortable, welcoming feeling -- like the Apple Stores.

    Your online store works the same way. Design matters and a good online store design signals a solid, well-managed company. Don’t cut corners on your design.

    If you're not sure where to start, check out the collection of Online Store Designs in our Template Library. 

    Each of the templates are professionally designed for online store owners. 



    8. Blog about it

    Writing blog posts to announce and highlight your products is a great way to get extra keywords as well as provide more in-depth information that you can link to and from your product page. It’s all about content marketing. With the Website.com blog app you can easily add a variety of benefits-oriented content, such as videos and images, to your blog posts.


    9. Connect with your customers

    The easiest way to improve your business is to stay connected with your customers. Add an Instagram feed or connect your Facebook profile to your website. If you have active social media profiles, use them to connect with your customers. Use the Social Links Bar in your site builder to easily add all your social media profiles to your website.





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