Actors: Stand Out With This Kind of Website

    Actors and actresses: it’s time to stop putting it off and get your professional website ready to go! A professional website can make you stand out, boost your reputation, and help casting directors and agents contact you. Here are our tips to make sure you stand out in the right way!


    1) Have a killer design:


    Having a simple, captivating, and easy to navigate design is crucial for an actor portfolio site. While it can be tempting to add as many cool effects and images as you can, keep in mind that the purpose of the website is to showcase you - not the shiny bits and bobs. Having too many elements can also make the website seem unprofessional.

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    2) Add the right pages:


    Here’s our list of must-have pages for your actor site, along with tips for the industry-standard ways of implementing them:


    Home page:


    The home page is your chance to draw visitors in. A large, professional image of you is a simple way to create a beautiful design. Don't make the mistake of jam-packing your home page with an overload of information, images, and elements. The goal is to make it easy for users to head to other pages on your site. 


    Bio (or Resume):


    Keep your bio short and sweet! Be sure avoid pompous or ego-inflating language - this can turn visitors off! You can also include your resume of credits here. 

    Another tip: upload a downloadable PDF version of your resume in case if casting would like to have a hard copy on file. **In the Website.com editor, you can add a button or text and link it to a document.




    Remember to convey that you’re a real human being! Professional headshots are great, but also be sure to include behind-the-scenes set shots, movie stills, red carpet photos, etc. The challenge is that you don’t want to overwhelm the visitor with too many photos: one gallery with 6-20 photos is more than enough. Another options is to have 2-3 category specific galleries with less than 6 photos each. 

    **Website.com users: add fun galleries like the Tile or Grid style to really stand out from the crowd.


    Demo reel:


    Keep your demo reel short and sweet. 1-3 minutes is the ideal length.

    Host your video on an external video sharing site, like YouTube or Vimeo, rather than uploading a video directly to your website. This will help to speed up the loading time of your website and video!


    Blog or News Updates:


    Let visitors know what you’ve been up to! Include reviews of your work, mentions in the news, press releases, upcoming screenings, etc. Be sure to consistently update this section - if your last update is from 5 years ago, it doesn’t give a very professional impression. It can also help your SEO when your site is constantly active.

    **Website.com Users: Add a blog page so that you can make seamless updates whenever the need arises.




    This is a KEY section of your website. Make sure you can be easily reached by casting directors, agents, or industry players. Be sure to include a professional email: “cutepie27@email.com” won’t really cut it. Having a custom email at your domain name makes you seem more credible and professional. **The good news: Website.com users get custom domain emails for free in every package!

    If you have an agent, include their contact information here as well. 


    3) Publish your site


    Once you’ve got all the pages set up and ready to go, hit publish and your site will be live!

    One more tip:

    Jack of all trades? Remember to have a clear focus for your website. If you’re also a dancer, graphic designer, and plumber, create different websites for those talents so that your visitors don’t get confused.

    What do you think of our tips? Let us know in the comments!

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