Are You Mobile-Ready?

    If you haven't already heard, Google has recently rolled out a new search algorithm that favours mobile-friendly websites. Websites that aren't mobile-ready will likely rank lower than mobile-optimized sites on search engines. In sum: if you're not mobile-ready, you might get lost in the crowd. 

    How can you optimize your site for mobile devices? Here are some pointers:



    *Website.com users: We've just launched a mobile editor! This will make it easy-peasy to create a mobile version of your site. When logged into the editor, switch to the mobile editor by hitting the mobile icon on the top corner of the page.


    Make Sure Grandma Can Read Your Text

    Make sure your content can be read on a smaller screen. Visitors need to be able to read the text without having to zoom in. If you're a Website.com user, you can simply increase your text size within the mobile editor by using the "scale font" option, and clicking "+."

    Space Links Far Apart

    Make it easy for your friends with large fingers. Space links far enough apart so a user can click on it easily.

    Sorry, Flash

    Flash is not common on mobile devices- it is best to avoid using it for your site. *FYI Website.com users do not have to worry, as your site is built using search-engine friendly code.

    Avoid Sideways Scrolling

    The content on your mobile site shouldn't stretch too far horizontally. Website.com users: When using the mobile editor, just keep your content within the guidelines will to avoid this problem!

    Clearly Display Hours and Contact Info

    Users often access websites on their smartphones to quickly look up business hours, phone numbers, or a business location. Show some love, make sure this information can be found easily! Consider keeping this content in the header area of your site, and ensure that it is large enough to read.

    Got any more pointers to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!


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