Branding Secrets: Colour and Emotions


    "What's your favourite colour?"

    Besides being the icebreaker of choice between 5-year olds, studies have shown that colours can have a profound impact on our emotions, as well as our perception of brands. The jury's still out about whether colours intrinsically invoke certain moods, or if we have been socially conditioned to associate colours with specific emotions and ideas. Regardless, it is important to recognize the power that colour can play while you're constructing your website and brand. Here's a list of some popular colours and how to use them to your advantage.


    Bold Red 


    It can't be denied that red is a bold colour to use -red typically invokes feelings of excitement, power, intensity, and aggression. According to a study done by the University of Missouri, red can also communicate expertise and self-assurance. 


    Chill Blue


    Traditionally, blue is a calming colour that can invoke feelings of tranquility and rest. According to the study, blue also communicates that your brand is reliable and successful. It's often used as part of a colour scheme for spas, yoga studios, massage clinics, and hotels. 


    Playful Yellow


    Yellow is all about fun in the sun! It can excite the senses, give you feelings of happiness, and communicate a sense of fun and modernity about your brand. Try using yellow for a food blog or bakery website.


    Earthy Green


    Like blue, green can also invoke peaceful feelings. According to the study, green is also associated with environmental friendliness, sustainability, and even masculinity! Consider using green if you're selling eco-friendly products, want to give off a "down-to-earth" vibe, or have a charity or humanitarian site. 


    Peaceful Teal


    The perfect balance of green and blue, teal gives off the feeling of tranquility with a modern twist! It's the colour of choice for many jewelry stores, wedding sites, and mommy blogs.


    Romantic Pink


    Think pink: did hearts, flowers, and Valentine's Day spring to mind? It's the colour of romance, but using pink can also help your brand be perceived as youthful and fashionable. 


    Glamourous Purple


    Purple is all about glamour, charm, and femininity! This is a popular choice for personal wedding sites, and jewelry eCommerce stores.


    BONUS TIP: The Isolation Effect


    Lastly, keep the "Isolation Effect" in mind when you need to guide your viewer's eye to a particular area of your site. This is extra useful if you have a sign-up or call-to-action button you want users to click!

    What is the "Isolation Effect?" It's all about contrast. For example, if the theme of your website is blue and white, using a bold, contrasting colour like orange for a button will draw attention to it. Create a stark visual contrast with an accent colour, and viewers will see what sticks out. One caveat: be careful not to use too many accent colours! This can throw off the balance of your website and make it look unprofessional or even spammy! The key is to use one (or two, at most!) sparingly. 

    Try out these tips and let us know what you think! Give us a shout to let us know how you're doing.


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