Domain Name Extensions Explained in 5 Minutes

    Shakespeare’s Juliet once asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, if you’re talking about a domain name, quite a lot! Your domain name acts as the nickname for your address on the internet. It consists of 2 parts.

    The domain name extension (or Top-Level Domain) is the second part of the domain name. For example, “.com,” “.net,” and “.club” are examples of domain name extensions! Your domain name contributes a lot to your image and brand, and can affect your visibility to users. Make sure your domain name includes an extension that is appropriate for your website.


    Domain name extensions and their most common uses:


    .com - The one we know and love! Nowadays, “.com” is used most commonly around the world for any type of website.

    .net - Technical sites.

    .org - Non-profit organizations.

    .biz - Business or online store sites.

    .info - Informational sites.

    .co.uk - General sites in the United Kingdom.

    .org.uk - Non-profit sites in the United Kingdom.

    .me.uk - Personal sites in the United Kingdom.

    .us - Sites for anyone in the United States, commonly used for state and local government sites.

    .ca - General Canadian sites.

    .eu - Sites in the European Union.

    .mobi - Mobile sites.

    .me - Portfolio, blog, personal sites.

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