Don't be Afraid to Own Your Title



    Artists, writers, actors, entrepreneurs- all these professions require passion, and, if we're being honest, a bit of boldness to pursue. But often, for those who engage in these professions, the conversation starter, "So, what do you do?" can be a dreaded question. Many are hesitant to state their titles; there's an inexplicable urge to self-deprecate, hide, or dismiss their work. 


    Dear readers, here we are, holding up a large, blinking sign: own your title. This is a topic that is near and dear to us, as many of our Website.com users are amazing artists and entrepreneurs. You have the right to claim your work and your title, and if you need a bit of a push, this article is for you.


    1. Identify: why is this the case?


    Why do many artists feel the need to keep their profession in the closet? Why do countless entrepreneurs feel hesitant to share what they've been working on?


    For many, the problem is that they have been raised with a certain mindset, believing there to always be another milestone to surpass. Certain events must be reached or a certain amount of money must be made before they give themselves permission to claim what they do. However, the milestone marker is usually a moving target.


    In other cases, even the most "successful" artists can feel a sense of fraud, feeling that they don't deserve the attention they have been receiving for their work.


    For others, they could be placing a lack of value on the work they are doing. They may feel the type of work they are pursuing is not worthy of being claimed as "work." 


    In order to be able to shift your mindset, you first need to identify the source of your hesitation. Once that's been accomplished, move on to step 2!


    2. Do the work, acknowledge the work


    If you're actively engaging in accounting, then by definition, you're an accountant. The same goes for any profession- why should an artistic or freelance profession be any different?


    The emphasis here, however, is that you must be actively engaged in the work. For actors, this could mean auditioning, going to class, or rehearsing. You need to be actually doing the work in order to claim the title. 


    When you are doing the work, no one will be able to take away your claim to it. At the next party you attend, don't be afraid to confidently state: "I am a photographer." State your title. You have the right to claim it, own it, and love it.


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