Don't Let Your Flat Design Fall "Flat"

    Website designs are flattening out, and we think it's safe to say that flat design isn't going away any time soon. What exactly is flat design? In basic terms, flat design is a style which doesn't attempt to create a 3-D illusion. This typically means elements have no bevels, drop shadows, gradients, etc. The overall goal is to give a clutter-free, clean feel. If you want to give flat design a go, here are some ideas that you can use to make sure your flat design doesn't fall, well, "flat."




    "Flat" doesn't have to mean boring. Don't be afraid to play around with other design mediums. A simple animation incorporated into your website can be a fun addition. Do keep in mind, however, that simplicity is key when you're working with a flat design. 

    Website.com users: Try adding a "Fancy Shape" and choose an animated effect to keep your flat design interesting.



    Large Typography


    Grab attention with large typography. You can afford to go inject a little drama with the size of your typefaces. Try creating major contrast with your font sizes: for example, try out a large title with a subtitle or description in a much smaller size.

    Check it out:



    Simple Typefaces


    While we're on the topic of typography, minimalistic font styles work wonderfully with a flat design. Try using a sans-serif fonts such as Open-Sans, Source Sans Pro and Montserrat.


    Long Shadows


    Long shadows manage to give a sense of depth while maintaining the "flat" look. Typically, a "long shadow" extends at (approximately) a 45-degree angle and extends far past the original object.

    Need some examples?




    Compelling Color Schemes


    Add excitement with a compelling color design. Whether you go for a bold, vibrant look, a muted retro design, or a monochromatic color scheme, be sure that the colors you choose match the product or service you are offering.

    Website.com users: take advantage of the "Color Schemes" tool in the site builder! Just choose "Design" > "Color Schemes" and select a designer -created palette! in one click, it will automatically change the color scheme of your site.

    Wanna show us some love? Offended by any suggestions? Let us know in the comments, let's go!



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