Feature Alert: Alignment Guide

    Let's get things straight: this new alignment guide tool is amazing! Easily line up images, apps, text, and other elements with lines that appear when you move or resize elements. 



    Drag or resize an element and lines will appear to show you when the edge of the item aligns with another element, site guideline, or site centre.

    Just a few ideas for using this tool: 

    -Line up text and images on your About Us page

    -Resize an image to align with another element

    -Move a slideshow to the centre of the page

    -And more!

    Prefer not to see the guidelines? Just click this icon to turn off this tool. (Blue means it is "on," gray means it is "off.")



    Log into the Website.com site buider, try it out and let us know what you think! Got questions? Sound off below!


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