Feature Spotlight: Anchor Tool


    An anchor tool lets you link to a specific location on a web page, or between pages.  Here are some awesome ways you can apply this tool: 


    Create a One Pager Site


    Long, scrolling sites are one of the top website trends this year. Linking a menu item to an anchor link will allow you to create a "One Pager" site.  This design allows you place all your content on a single page, giving a clean and modern feel. Check out these "One Pager" templates to get an idea of how they look.


    Link a Button to an Anchor


    Anchor links can be linked to any element that can normally be attached to a link- buttons, images, text, etc. Try linking a call to action button like "Contact Us" to a contact form further down the page.


    Get Back to Top 


    If you have a long web page, it might be useful to place a button, text, or arrow icon at the bottom of the page, and link it to an anchor link at the top of the page. Visitors will appreciate not having to scroll all the way to the top!

    Need a tutorial? Check out this vid to see the tool in action!



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