Feature Spotlight: Fancy Shapes

    What makes a fancy shape so "fancy?" Choose fun shapes like planes and cars, decorative banners and accents, useful social media icons, and much more! In short: these shapes ain't no squares. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you:

    Create your logo

    You can be a master logo designer by putting a fancy shape together with some text. Decorative shapes look particularly amazing as the base for a logo. After putting your design together, feel free to brag about your artistic genius. Check out this one we've put together:



    Animations are coming back into web design vogue. This time around, they're much more subtle and sophisticated.



    Animate a fancy shape to draw attention to certain areas of your site or to add some excitement. Experiment with adding animation to your logo. Just remember not to overdo it: the key to this feature is subtlety. 

    In the editor, go to Add > Fancy Shape.

    After choosing a shape you want to animate, click on "STYLE"



    Now choose an animation effect. Once the effect has been chosen, you can select "OPTIONS" to fine-tune the exact settings of the animation.



    Enhance Your Brand

    Think of fancy shapes as the accessories of your website- they can tie the look of your site together. For example, use them to highlight certain text headings on your site.


    Get Social

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, oh my! Add the social media fancy shapes of your choice, and link them to their respective social media pages. They look especially snazzy in the header or footer areas of your site.



    Try it out and let us know if there's a shape that tickles your fancy. (See what we did there?) If you've got some great ideas for what you want to read next, give us a shout!




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