Feature Spotlight: MailChimp 

    Ooh ooh, ah ah! MailChimp is one of our favorite apps at the moment. You can easily integrate MailChimp into your Website.com website to collect subscribers and send out incredible email newsletters. 

    The best part is, you can create a MailChimp account for free. They offer paid services with some amazing additional features, but the “forever free” version allows you to send up to 12 000 emails a month and keep up to 2 000 subscribers, so we think that’s a pretty sweet deal. Find out more about MailChimp here


    Some handy ways to use MailChimp:


    -Build a list of people that you can market to/ send newsletters to.

    -Use MailChimp’s email templates and drag and drop designer to create gorgeous newsletters.

    -Collaborate with multiple users for an efficient workflow.


    How to integrate the MailChimp app into your Website.com account:


    Once your MailChimp account is created and you've started a list or two, you're ready to create a signup form on your Website.com website and start collecting subscribers for your MailChimp account!



    Go to Add > MailChimp 

    In the MailChimp settings, connect your MailChimp Account! Choose the list that you want people to subscribe to. 

    Feel free to customize the font and style of this newsletter signup form. Once that's done, that's it! You're now ready to start collecting people for your list.

    Newsletter marketing is such a great way to encourage engagement with your existing and prospective audience. Let us know what you think of using MailChimp with Website.com! 

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