Fool-Proof, DIY Valentine's Day Gifts


    Want to impress your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ spouse/ snuggle buddy/ bestie this Valentine's Day? Try a DIY project: the best gifts are the ones you make yourself! (We know, as a DIY website builder, we are a little biased.)

    It's not too late to put together one of these practical and adorable gifts. We bet that gifting one of these will put you in someone's good books forever.


    Air Plant Terrarium


    Image from cieradesign.com


    What you need:

    -Medium sized clear glass container, such as an uncovered mason jar, glass bowl, glass vase, etc.

    -Base materials such as small rocks, beads, or sand

    -For a bonus, try adding a cute figurine, such as a plastic dinosaur

    -Air plant (also called tillandsia)

    Just assemble your base materials in a creative fashion, and place your airplant on top! Voila!

    Check out this example by For Keeps


    Sharpie-Potted Cactus


    Cactus are some of the easiest plants to keep alive, so this is a great gift for your partner if their thumbs aren't too green.

    What you need:

    -Basic clay pot (you can buy this anywhere, usually for one or two dollars)

    -Colourful sharpies

    -Cactus or succulent (Pro tip: we found ours at Ikea! Feel free to find one in any garden or plant store)

    Just draw your beautiful design on the pot, and you're done! 


    Mixed Music Playlist


    They say music is food for the soul, so we say putting a playlist together is practically like cooking- and everyone knows that is attractive. 

    What you need:

    -Your/ their favourite tunes


    Anything in a Mason Jar



    Here's a sneaky way to impress your partner: trick them into making their own gift! Assemble ingredients/ supplies in a jar and include a handcrafted label with instructions. Some suggestions:

    -Hot chocolate powder and marshmallows 

    -Muffin mix

    -Seeds for growing their favourite vegetable or plant

    -If all else fails, candy in a jar is a classic.

    Take a look at this muffin mix tutorial by Cook. Craft. Love


    Circle Scarf


    A slightly more advanced project -if you can pull this one off, they'll know you're a keeper. Keep your lover warm and cozy with your handmade creation.

    What you need:

    -Yard of fabric, such as jersey

    -Sewing machine

    -Needle and thread

    The basic idea is to fold the fabric in half the long way, with the right sides inward. Pin the fabric and sew along the long side first. Next, line up the openings of the tube and and sew them together, but leave about 3-5 inches unsewn so that you can turn the scarf rightside out. Finally, hand sew the unsewn section.

    For an in-depth tutorial, check out this one by I Heart Naptime


    A Customized Website


    You knew we'd put this on the list, didn't you? Say "I Love You" with a custom website. Create one to help them promote their business, share their hobbies and passions, etc. Or, put together a romantic website which features your journey together, complete with a photo gallery. 

    What you need:

    A great plan with Website.com :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! Hope we helped to share a bit of love with you today.

    Questions? Comments? You know what to do!


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