Free Online Design Tools That Will Save Your Life

    The first thing you need to know about us: we're all about the DIY. Need some free design tools to help you design your website? Whether you're just taking your first steps into the design world, or if you need a simple solution for your own DIY project, these free online design tools are worth making friends with. 


    Color Palettes



    Need help deciding what colors to use on your website? Colors can make a tremendous impact: they can affect the way visitors view your brand, evoke certain emotions, and make the difference between having an amateur or professional looking site.

    Adobe Kuler

    Explore color palettes created by other passionate designers or create your own with their intuitive color wheel.

    The Website.com choice:

    Easily change the entire color scheme of your site with Color Schemes. Our designers have put together amazing combinations, so you can change the entire palette of your site with just one click.




    The Website.com choice:

    Create a logo ASAP using Fancy Shapes! Just choose fancy shape, add a text title with yor company name, customize the colours and placement - and volia! Instant logo genius. 


    Stock Images


    A picture’s worth a thousands words - so make sure your image is high resolution and really matches the tone of your website.

    Pixa Bay

    Pixa Bay is a great choice for free stock images. We've listed a few more in a previous blog post.

    Note: whenever using free stock image sites, be sure to check the copyright details periodically to ensure that the copyright details haven't changed.

    The Website.com choice:

    Our stock image library includes thousands of images which are FREE in your plan. Need an amazing high-resolution background, or a cute kitten image? You got it. We’ve already paid for the rights to use all these images, so go stir crazy!


    Image Editor:



    BeFunky is a great image editing software that is easy to use but gives great functionality. Want to make a blemish disappear, or see what your Uncle Joe would look like with green eyes? Do it up.


    Image creator:


    Google Drawings

    Need free image creation software? Google Drawing is a great solution. You can also import images and edit them here as well!




    With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best fonts for your design! Above all, make sure that fonts are easy to read. Keeping to a MAXIMUM of 2-3 fonts on your entire website will make sure your design is clean, consistent and modern.

    Type Genius

    Want to see what fonts are compatible? Type Genius will find the love match for whatever font you choose.


    Can’t seem to spot the difference between two fonts? Now you can easily compare fonts: Tiff will overlay fonts on top of each other so that you can spot the differences.

    Have any other design tools you can't live without? Sharing is caring! Let us know in the comments :)


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