Get Ahead With These 6 Business Tips


    The new year has begun! Make this year better than ever with tips that will make your business look more credible and professional.


    1) Track mentions of your company with Google Alerts


    If people are talking about your biz, make sure you're in the know! There might be exciting news you want to share further through your social media channels, or if an author has written a story on you, you may also want to reach out to them to compliment their work or offer your input for the future. 

    It can be worthwhile to set up alerts for your competitors and key industry terms- knowledge is power!


    2) List your business on directories, and use free online promotion channels


    We've made up The Ultimate Guide to Free Online Places to Promote Your Site, check it out!


    3) Take advantage of having custom domain emails


    Your Website.com account includes customized emails- make sure you set them up! An email @your domain name instantly adds a boost of credibility to your business. When networking, listing a customized email account on your business card is especially great.


    4) Create a personalized email signature


    A personalized email signature conveys a sense of professionalism and can add context to your conversation, especially if you are interacting with someone for the first time. Your personalized email signature can also act as your online business card. Remember, however, to keep your signature short and sweet! No more than three lines should be a safe length.


    5) Use high quality images on your site


    Professional, high resolution images on your site adds instant credibility to your business. Make sure images are "crisp," a pixelated image is something that visitors will notice right away. 

    Website.com users: comb through the Website.com image library- there are thousands of professional stock photos that are included free for you to use! We are constantly adding more images to give you even more opportunities to make your site look amazing.


    6) Be mobile friendly!


    These days, being mobile ready is essential. Don't let smartphone users slip away.

    Website.com users: making a mobile version of your site is super simple. In the site builder, just click on the mobile icon on the top left corner. Make sure that the mobile version of the page is turned on as well!

    Have any more tips to add? Let us know in the comments!



    Prince ranjeet sony says (Jan 5, 2016):

    my website created please


    Website.com says (Jan 6, 2016):

    Hi Prince Ranjeet Sony! To get started, go to Website.com/sign-up and choose a domain name. From there, you can choose a template and start adding your own content! If you prefer to have our designers build the first page for you, you can choose our $10 Web Design package: design.website.com Let us know how that goes :)

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