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    Website.com users are well-rounded, creative, and oh-so-talented. We're proud to brag about Isabelle, who is a painter based in Geneva, Switzerland. Find out how this daring artist juggles her enjoyable work in private banking and her passion for art.




    On getting involved with acrylic painting:


    Born in Geneva, Isabelle has been drawing since the age of 13. In order to further her financial career, she moved to Toronto. This allowed her to take an art class at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) which revealed her interest in acrylic painting. After moving back to Geneva in 2005, she began to paint in her apartment until finally being able to get a dedicated space for painting in the past year. Isabelle describes her painting as “mostly abstract. However, you can guess shapes that will put your imagination to work!”


    On painting to escape:


    Isabelle uses painting as a way to unwind and relax. “I love to escape from routine, to create shapes which reflect my emotions while painting. It is such a resting activity from everything else I do. It opens a dialog with new people and it is very inspiring.”


    On getting noticed through her website:


    “I created a website to show friends and most of the world what I actually do as a painter. I needed to have visibility: it has helped me with getting noticed across the web and reaching more people. I am also using it as my ‘business card.’ It took my activity up to the next level: selling my art pieces.” 


    On using Website.com to create her website:


    Isabelle loves using Website.com because of the customizable options, quality, and customer service. “I was able to customize it quite a lot and it's easy to use. Also, a good quality/price ratio from competitors. The hotline is very useful, my questions were always answered very quickly.”


    On using art to balance finance and family:


    “I work in private banking and take care of my family, painting is a very good way to find balance and allow peaceful moments. I have always loved drawing, painting and art activities, however, I did concentrate many years on a financial career as it was comforting and fun. I hope for the future that I will dedicate more time to this increasing passion.”

    Thanks Isabelle for sharing your story! Your work is beautiful, and we are rooting for your success.

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