Get Inspired By Website.com User: Michelle Zygala from ZGalaDesigns.com

    Michelle Zygala is a creative and kooky graphic designer based in Houston, TX. We got talking with Ms. Zygala , and she reveals the source of her inspiration, her eccentric work habits, and of course, her excitement about using Website.com! Read her story and take a look at her beautiful work on ZGalaDesigns.com.



    On choosing to follow her passion as a graphic designer:


    Michelle’s artistic spirit and her interest towards business marketing led her to find her calling as a graphic designer.

    “All my life I’ve always been an artist… My eyes glow with excitement knowing that I hit the spot with any work that I’ve created for my clients. Where I’m able to be a useful asset for the public/ companies, I saw that graphic design was an essential. This was my calling and this is my passion… I thought, this is it, this is who I am, and I went ahead and made this a goal in my life - to be the best designer I can be.”


    On her favorite aspect of graphic design:


    Michelle is all about making her clients glow. She loves "helping people be acknowledged" and helping to make "their companies come to life by having their own identity."


    On creating a website to boost her reputation:


    Michelle asserts that having a website has helped her clients have “confidence and trust” with ZGALADESIGNS. “It helped me gain my reputation and show my work.” 


    On choosing Website.com:


    Without having to dive into using HTML and CSS, Michelle has been able to easily and quickly create an incredible website with our site builder.

    “Website.com also has an ease to creating your own look and a faster process to get my website publicly published to show my work.” 

    She also loves that she’s been able to build a unique and stunning design that allows her personality to shine through.

    “The layouts from Website.com looked pleasing to the eye. I knew that this is a tasteful company to do my website, which I trust if I ever needed the help. Plus, if I ever needed assistance I had that leisure. The great news is I happened to be able to create something that was my identity on my own.” 


    On her wacky work habits:


    Michelle reveals how she develops her ideas. 

    “Inspiration comes to me at the most unexpected times. I will work when you sleep and sleep when you work. When I see a challenge, I dive in looking at it as an opportunity... I have this thing where when I’m designing or creating anything, I can listen to the same music over and over for hours, until my project is completed. Or sometimes I need complete silence to focus on what I’m doing.”


    On wanting to share anything else:


    When we asked her if she had anything else to add, she told us, “You guys rock!” Brownie points for Ms. Zygala!

    Thanks for the chat, Michelle! We know you're going to make it BIG.


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