Get Inspired by Website.com User: David Blazek from SimplyBelizeTravel.com

    Adventurous and open-minded, David decided to do things his own way by opening his own travel agency in Belize. We've asked him to open up about his experiences, his inspirations, and of course- what he loves about using Website.com! Take a look at his gorgeous website: SimplyBelizeTravel.com

    On being spontaneous and starting his travel agency:

    "When my girlfriend told me that she got a job offer in Belize, I was like, wait, I need to check the world map and see where exactly it is." After working for two years in a travel agency in Belize, David was able to travel around, see and explore most of the beautiful country. In order to share the beauty of Belize and his love of traveling, he was inspired to open his own agency and do things his own way!

    On the excitement of traveling:



    After finishing school, David worked in multiple hotels around Prague, Czech Republic before making the move to Belize. He had many opportunities to travel, due to his job, and wants to be able to give others the opportunity to experience the joys of it all. "I just love to travel and I think that it's one of the best things one can do. It opens your mind and it gives you a different point of view. When you travel, you feel the freedom, you see beautiful things, you meet people, you have fun and you make life lasting memories."

    On the necessity of having a website:

    David asserts that having a website for his business is an absolute necessity. "My office is any place with internet connection, anywhere in the world. The website is the place where my clients get information and it is the way to get exposure." 

    On choosing Website.com: 

    "After reading a few articles and digging around, it seemed that Website.com is the best option and I think it really is. I like the most that Website.com is very user friendly and that there are lots of useful features." We 100% agree with you there, David!

    On a crocodile tooth to say "I do":

    David recounts his barefoot beach wedding. On his wedding day, instead of exchanging traditional wedding rings, he gave his wife "a conch shell on a silver necklace" and received a "crocodile tooth on a necklace made of black coral."

    Thanks for sharing with us, David! We're rooting for you and your travel agency all the way.

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