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    Need inspiration for your website? Get motivated by one Website.com user: Allison Hampel from ExpressionsDanceLB.com! Since realizing her dream of opening her very own dance studio, she has found that having a website has been essential to her business. Take a look at her website below and scroll down to read her interview with us!



    What inspired you to start your business?


    I began dancing at the age of three and immediately fell in love with the art of dance. Growing up, I had always dreamed of having my own dance studio. The dance studio I attended as a child inspired me to create Expressions Dance. I wanted to create a studio where dancers felt free to express themselves through the art of dance. I wanted to create a positive, welcoming environment that I had experienced growing up.


    What's your favourite aspect of what you do?


    I love seeing the smiling faces on the dancers as they enter the studio each and everyday. Seeing the progress and passion for dance grow in my students is one of my favorite things about my dance studio. They encourage me to work hard and to continue to share my love of dance with others.



    How has having a website helped your business?


    This is our first year in business and having a website has been essential. Without a website, promoting our dance studio would have been a challenge. The website has helped keep our current and future students informed about our policies, important dates, and schedule updates.


    What do you like most about using Website.com for your website?


    What I like most about using Website.com is the ease of creating and updating my website. If I need to make a small change to one of my pages, I can easily complete it in just a few short minutes. Website.com is user-friendly, especially for someone who has never created a website before. There are many page options that can easily be modified to fit my dance studio’s needs.


    Thanks for telling us your story, Allison! Your site looks amazing!


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    Adewale Adesimi says (Dec 12, 2015):

    Website.com has really been a great share to me. I could not believe that I could easily develope a Website myself and without the help of an expert. I could use the Website.com to lunch my idea to the world.


    Website.com says (Dec 14, 2015):

    Thanks for your kind words! We're really glad you're enjoying the builder :)

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