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    Website.com users are creative, driven, and passionate about what they do! Case in point: Sally Anderson from SallyAndersonLMHC.com. Despite having limited website experience, she has created an impressive site for her counseling practice that has helped her attract more clients and keep doing what she loves. Her site truly reflects the warmth and tranquility of her counseling philosophies- check it out and scroll down to read her interview with us! 
    What inspired you to open your own practice?
    After years of working in a variety of group, corporate, and institutional settings, I recognized that the practice of counseling is not confined to what happens in the hour sessions. Counseling is the warmth of the phone greeting, the wording of marketing materials, the color of my office walls, the pattern of my sofa, the scents, the variety of coffee/tea offered, and so much more. Plus, let's be honest, the decision to seek counseling takes a lot of courage. 
    I opened my own practice because I wanted to create a counseling experience that I could be proud of and enjoy from start to close.  Also, one in which, from the moment a potential patient/client connected with me, they would feel welcome, empowered, and hopeful.  The only way to accomplish this was to cut out the middle man and do it myself! Five and a half years later, I have to say it was one of the best decisions I ever made!!
    What's your favorite aspect of what you do?
    I'm one of those fortunate people who often wonders at how amazing it is to get paid to do something that feels so natural. I love the profession of counseling and the opportunity to share my gifts with others. To be fair however, counseling can often be grueling, heavy, and dark work; for both counselor and client. As such, one of my favorite aspects of the practice is the opportunity to be present with another when they have that 'Ahhhh Haaaa' moment. Sometimes it's quiet and sacred, sometimes it's loud and joyful, and sometimes it's with tears and laughter. These are the moments that keep me going and inspire me. I mean really, it's just plain cool to be invited into a part of another's journey and witness as they find more of their voice, strength, talents, and direction!!!
    How has having a website helped your business?
    Beyond the obvious answer of increased access, exposure, and professional credibility, having a website has proven my belief that counseling begins before the first session. 
    Case in point, earlier this year I took a two month medical leave of absence from practice. The week before I went on leave, three potential new clients contacted me via my website. When I explained I could not take them on and offered referrals, all three declined the referral and said they would wait until I returned.  Independently, each stated they had looked at several other sites and the colors, content, warmth, and organization of my website led them to believe I would be the right fit. All did in fact wait, and to my continued pleasure, I have at least two to four new clients a week who call me and say they want to work with me because of what they read on my website. If that's not affirmation of the power of a website I don't know what is!
    What do you like most about using Website.com for your website?
    When I decided to (finally) get with the times and create a professional website a year and a half ago, I figured it would be both pricey and complicated. I mean really, I'm a therapist...not a web developer!! :-) In the process of reviewing other options, interviewing actual web developers, and talking to friends I found Website.com. Talk about an Ahhh Haaa moment!!! 
    I like the dozens of customizable templates that have allowed me to create a beautiful web version of my personality and practice!! I had so much fun creating my site that I built a whole new one earlier this year in order to play with all the cool new tools. I still get a big charge every time someone compliments my site and asks me who did it (I may even pull it up myself on occasion just because I can!). I love the reasonable cost and that the domain, encrypted email, site, hosting, and now mobile capacity are all part of the package. I also love the customer service, responsiveness, and above and beyond attitude of every representative I have dealt with. The only complaint I have is that there are so many cool options for customization I have to restrain myself from not messing with a good thing!! :-) 
    Anything wacky about yourself?
    I do not participate in any form of social media (other than email and text)!!!! No really, none!! :-) 
    Anything you wish we asked? (and answers!)
    Love that question!  
    The answer is: YES I am really that tall and NO I am not analyzing you! :-)
    Thanks for the site inspiration, Sally! Your practice sounds amazing and we're so fortunate to be able to be part of your journey.
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