Gifts Our Website.com Dads Actually Want

    Father's Day is quickly approaching! To celebrate, we asked some of our Dads on our Website.com team to tell us what they want for their special day. Spoiler Alert: A new tie isn't on the list. Here's their wish-list:

    Henry H. Software Developer, 1 son: 9 months old

    First answer:

    A humongous TV, or a handmade card. Either/or.

    "A big TV, or a projector. A BenQ HD 3D projector. Actually- my son is only 9 months old, so maybe a card that's handmade. A finger-painted card."

    Under a $20 budget:



    Good eats:

    "$20 worth of steak." 

    Sky's the limit:

    More tech toys:

    "A laptop- any MacBook." 

    Jay Y. Web Developer, 2 sons: 6 and 8 yrs old

    First answer:

    Health, love, peace. That kind of thing.

    "The most important thing is that my whole family is healthy and well."

    Under a $20 budget:



    Money for a rainy day:

    "Just $20 cash… then I'll decide when I need to use it :)."

    Sky's the limit:

    A (very specific) fancy TV:

    "Hmm… maybe a big screen 4K TV? A Sony Android 4K TV with passive 3D and 65 inches."

    Vincent T. Customer Support Manager, 1 daughter: 5 yrs old

    First answer:



    Something made with love:

    "A handmade gift by my daughter, something that she made on her own. Maybe a card or a picture that she draws."

    Under a $20 budget:


    "A t-shirt, with a funny cartoon on it, or a picture of the 2 of us together. I wouldn't wear it, but it would be nice to keep. But if she could read my mind, she'd get me a lego set."

    Sky's the limit:

    A luxury home. (Who wouldn't want that?)

    "I'll have to say a house, maybe a mansion."


    *Tips for Website.com online store users: 


    -If you've got an eCommerce site with some Dad-approved products, consider holding a Father's Day flash sale, or a week long promo heading up to Father's Day! 

    -Consider making a quick home page re-design. Keep images of your best Father's Day gifts displayed front and centre. 

    Don't keep the Dads out there deprived of the amazing products you've got to offer. Who knows? Your products could be on everyone's next "most-wanted" gift list.


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