How to Make a Scrolling, One Pager Site

    A scrolling, one-pager site is a great way to let your users interact with your site. Here's how you can create one NOW:


    1. Choose a One Pager Template


    If you want to launch your site in the fastest possible way, choose one of our snazzy One-Pager designs to get started.

    Just a couple one-pager templates:




    2. Customize the content with your own.


    Replace and add your own images, text, etc.


    3. Add more sections and anchors.


    -Go to Add > Anchor and move the anchor to the top of the new section you want to create. Don't forget to name the anchor.

    -Add Page > Create an Anchor Link page (under "Special Pages") and choose the anchor you want to link the menu item to.


    Is the One-Pager for you? Here are some pros and cons:


    One-Pager sites are PERFECT if you:

    -want to create a fun way for users to engage with your site content.

    -need something very mobile friendly. Allowing users to scroll from section to section can be a lot easier than having to rely on that tiny mobile menu.

    A One-Pager may NOT be the best fit if you:

    -have a lot of videos and photos. Too much media can slow down the loading time, which affects the user experience.

    -have too much content/ too many sections. Long scrolling sites are great, but it is possible to go overboard and ruin the user's experience. 

    Need a video tutorial to see how it's done? We've got a tutorial for you here!


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