How To Make Money Through Your Website

    Money, money, money! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being able to make it big while you’re cozied up on the couch. Or, perhaps you’ve wondered how to make a few extra dollars while pursuing your passion. 

    The first step is to create an amazing website (and you know you can do that with Website.com)! Once that step is complete, get ready to move onto phase 2: monetizing your website. 

    Making money from a website requires diligence, commitment, and hard work. However, it’s not impossible! Whether the plan is to just bring in a bit of extra income, or if your goal is to be able to work solely from home, here are a few suggestions to make your website go “cha-ching.”


    Google Adsense:


    Got an engaging blog or an interesting website that readers will keep coming back to, again and again? Consider monetizing your website with Google Adsense. Once you’ve signed up with a Google Adsense account, you can add a custom HTML item to your website. From there, you can make money by placing ads on your website. Here's an image from Google Adsense to give you an idea:



    For best results with Google Adsense, you do need to make sure that your website fits that following criteria: 

    -Has a lot of traffic

    -Contains high-quality content

    -Fits in a clear niche with a targeted audience


    Sell advertising space:


    If you want more control over the prime real estate on your website, you can sell designated space to advertisers at a fixed cost. Seeking your own advertisers is more work than using a program like Google Adsense. However, this method can also help you keep more earnings and connect with industry partners. 


    PayPal Donation Button:


    Not a fan of plopping advertisements on your site? If you offer valuable content to your readers through your website, a PayPal donation button may be an option to consider. Especially if you don’t want to include ads on your site, including a donation button to sponsor your hobby would be a wonderful alternative. Thankful readers who wish to support your work will have the chance to show you just how much you mean to them.


    To add a PayPal Donation button to your Website.com site, just hit Add > Shop > PayPal Donation 

    Make sure you already have a PayPal account, and insert the email for that paypal account into the email field. 


    Online Store:


    Whether you have a physical store location or not, an online store can be a great way to sell your homemade goods, niche products, or other products.



    To add a product catalog, click Page > Add page > Product, and choose the product catalog layout that you want. Add your products and start selling!


    Sponsored Posts:


    If you have a blog, writing sponsored posts can be a great way to bring in a bit of extra income. You could also allow a sponsor to write their own post to publish on your blog. Be aware that readers appreciate honest, unbiased content! Be transparent when an article is sponsored by letting readers know at the beginning or the end of the article. Also, be conservative with the number of sponsored posts you publish- just one a month is a safe number to try.

    There are different ways to attract sponsors. Some ideas:

    -Directly contact companies and organizations in your industry that you think would be useful and relevant to your readers

    -Add a page on your website titled "Sponsors" or "Advertising." On that page, include a bit of advertising information, and provide a way for potential sponsors to contact you

    -Create a blog post asking for sponsors or advertisers

    -Thank existing sponsors in a blog post: this will drive more traffic to their website (good news for them!) and let more advertisers know that you are open to sponsors (good news for you!)


    eBay Store:


    Have an eBay account? Use the eBay store app to list your eBay store items right on your website! Just hit Add > Shop > eBay store



    Publish a book:


    Publishing a book isn’t easy- but if you’ve already built up an audience in a niche industry, publishing a book might be the next step for you.

    Whether you choose to self-publish or get connected with a publisher, be aware that writing a book can be an arduous venture, so make sure the benefits outweigh the cons if you decide pursue it. 

    Have any more ideas for monetizing your website? Let us know in the comments!

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