Use Shapes to Make Text Pop: Tutorial

    Sometimes you need a little somethin' somethin' to make your text stand out. Use shapes to separate your text from your images and communicate your message clearly. Here's a tutorial for adding shapes using the Website.com editor:


    Step 1: Add a shape.



    Step 2: In the panel box, choose to "Customize this element only."



    Step 3: Choose a colour for your shape. We lowered the opacity to give the shape some transparency- this will give your site a more modern feel. Hit "Use Color" when you've chosen the perfect combination!



    Step 4: Click and drag your shape to the position you want. Next, make sure the shape is above the background image and below the text. There are a couple of ways to do this.

    -First method: When the shape is selected, hit the "send to back" icon multiple times, until the shape is in the correct layer position.

    -Second method: Another trick is to hit "Send to back" and click the "Bring forward" icon until the shape is in the correct layer position.



    You're done! Play around with using different shapes or fancy shapes to make your text stand out from your background images. Let us know if you come across any kick-a** combinations!


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