I'm Bored: What Should I do?


    Nothing to do? Feeling bored? 

    Awesome! A moment of boredom is a great opportunity to daydream, reflect, and- believe it or not- increase your productivity. If you need some ideas to push you out of the lull, here are our suggestions:


    Get into the creative zone


    Boredom often spawns creativity. Give yourself some time to daydream and tap into your creative potential. Take up a craft project, start a journal and freewrite, or get going on that adult coloring book! Alternatively, use your creative energies to think of solutions for any problems that have been plaguing your mind.


    Download a useful app


    Get your fingers to the app store and get excited about what you'll find! Our favorites right now:

    Duolingo: Pick up a new language with this fun language learning app.

    MyFitnessPal: Use this fitness app to easily track your diet plan and get ready to meet your health and fitness goals! 

    Epicurious: Find recipes galore with this enticing app! MyFitnessPal will make sure you don't go overboard with the good eats ;)


    Learn something new


    Why not take some time to invest in yourself? Take the opportunity to learn something new. Perhaps taking on a new language could be up your alley- apps like Duolingo (mentioned above!) could be a great way to get started. Want to improve your marketing and web design literacy? Stick around our Website.com Blog! 


    Read that book or watch that movie that's "on your list"


    Remember that interesting movie your colleague mentioned? Now's your chance to actually check it out! It's getting easier than ever to find movies online with streaming services. Netflix and Hulu are great options, and Amazon is launching a streaming service that is predicted to add some serious competition to the bunch. Or, take a trip to the local library and locate the title you need.


    Revamp your website


    Of course we're including this one: take some risks with a new website design and make your website better than ever! Need some inspiration? Check out our web design articles and get going!

    Have something to add to the discussion? Leave it in the comments!



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