Introducing the Brand New Website.com UI

    Introducing… the brand new Website.com User Interface!

    We’ve been hard at work here at Website.com to roll out our most advanced version of the site builder! Note that switching over to the new version won’t affect your existing website- it’ll only affect the site builder to make it easier than ever to make updates and site revamps.

    Here are some updates to pay attention to:


    Brand New Panel Box


    The panel box is now sleeker than ever! The panel box makes it easier to customize each element individually to make element customizations even more intuitive! Once you select and element, its corresponding panel box will open. Check out its new look:



    Changing Layer Order


    In order to change the layer stacking order of your web elements, begin by clicking on the element you wish to move forward or backward. Once that element has been selected, you can now change its order by clicking on the “Change Layer” icon on the top of the site builder. 



    You can now arrange the layer order of the elements- just click and drag the arrow icon up or down to your desired order. Now you can move that text element on top of a strip with ease.


    Add Section


    To add more simplicity to the site builder, we’ve made adding elements more of a “what you see is what you get” experience. This means that you can see the styling of a web item on the left, before you add it to your website. For example, if you were to add an image, you can choose from the various preset styling options (image with border, image with shadow, circular, etc.) to speed up your designing process.


    Right-Click Context Menu


    You can bring up the context menu for an individual item by right-clicking on it! You’ll now see a variety of options that you quickly access through this tool, such as delete, copy, paste, etc.



    Let us know what you think of the advanced changes! We’re excited to hear what you think. 

    Don’t have your own website yet? Head on over to Website.com and get ready to create your own incredible website!


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