Land Clients NOW With a Landing Page

    Land ho! 

    Your business might just need a landing page- it's the newest conversion tool for your business. Typically, it's a stand alone web page with a single call to action. Link it to your existing site, your social media page, or leave it as is to capture some leads! Convert potential clients into actual clients by effectively utilizing a landing page. 

    Another tip: Include a link to your landing page on a paper advertisement, like a handout or flyer. It's a great way to target your marketing efforts towards a single call to action, making it easier to track the effectiveness of this marketing tool. 

    Check out some new landing page templates:

    Entice customers to sign up for your services.



    Encourage visitors to join a mailing list.



    Allow potential clients to reserve a spot at your event.



    Plus, are you in the loop about Website.com's $10 web design? It's no joke: our design team can build you a landing page site to transform your business. For just 10 bucks. 

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