Messages to Our Moms

    It's almost Mother's Day! To celebrate, we've collected some messages from our Website.com team to our moms. 



    "Mom, you are one smart and talented person! P.S. Thanks for making the best chocolate zucchini bread imaginable."

    Stu- Video Production Specialist


    "Mom, I don't say this nearly enough but I do at the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for all you have done for me throughout my childhood years up until who I am today.  You have always been the one to be there by my side throughout my ups and downs during my school years, my career path, and the things I experience in my personal life.  Having you by my side each and every day is the sweetest and biggest gift that was ever given to me.  Happy Mother's Day!" 

    C - Customer Support



    "Thank you so much for always loving us with all your heart! You are the best mom in the WWW (Whole Wide World- see what I did there?)."

    Alvin To - Web Developer


    "Hi Mom! Thanks for helping me develop my sugar addiction by always stocking the house with chocolate and baked goods :P All kidding aside, thanks for being open to talk to about ANYTHING and for always having my back. You are one strong and amazing lady. <3" 

    Dora - Marketing Coordinator


    We're all in consensus: thank you mom for doing all that you do! Anything you want to add to the conversation? Hop on in and leave your message in the comments!


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