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    Mother's Day is around the corner!  To celebrate, we've rounded up a few of our favourite mommy blogs from around the web. These talented writers share everything, from parenting tips, product giveaways, project ideas, and hilarious stories. Take a look.

    123 I'm A Crazy Mommy

    Screenshot courtesy of 123 I'm a Crazy Mommy

    Adrian, the self-proclaimed "Crazy Mommy" is a mother of two and a former elementary school teacher. Inside her blog, she features parenting tips, product reviews, personal experiences and general musings. She shares stories of her sometimes-hectic life in her "Crazy Mommy Moments" section.

    The Nap Time Reviewer

    Screenshot courtesy of The Nap Time Reviewer

    Cristen is the mastermind behind this lifestyle and parenting blog, but the blog is written by a group of bloggers who collaborate to offer amazing giveaways, product recommendations, and reviews. Their articles span a wide variety of topics, including beauty, food, tech and travel! 

    Easy Green Mom 

    Screenshot courtesy of Easy Green Mom

    As a mother of three, and wife to a husband with a myriad of allergies, Amber S. and her family realized the importance of living a more natural lifestyle. She started Easy Green Mom as a way to help families who strive to be as "healthy and 'Green' as they can be." Her blog offers a wealth of resources: she shares eco-friendly tips, project ideas, personal experiences, product giveaways and product reviews.

    Scary Mommy

    Screenshot courtesy of Scary Mommy

    A smorgasbord of unique blogging voices is what makes up the Scary Mommy blog. Here, you'll find brutally honest stories that don't often sugar-coat the truth. This site has a huge following, so get in there and join the community! 

    Ironic Mom

    Screenshot courtesy of Ironic Mom

    Leanne Shirtliffe is a humour writer and mom of twins. Her topics range from humorous product reviews to self-deprecating personal stories. A snippet from her blog: "…doing yoga when you're in your 40s is a lot like doing yoga when each of your joints movies only one way. Like Lego." Check out an article or two if you need a bit of comic relief in your life. 

    Have any more mom blogs to add to the list? Let us know in the comments! Have a happy Mother's Day!


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