Our 3 Most Popular Templates and How to Use Them

    Ready to start creating an amazing website with Website.com, but finding too many templates to comb through? We've listed our 3 most popular templates to give you some ideas. Remember that templates are fully customizable, which means you can add or remove any element in the template design. Want to add a gallery and remove a block of text? Go wild.

    Bonus tip: you can still choose a template with content that is not from your industry! Just change the images to match your business. You'll be surprised at the outcome. 


    Family Wellness



    This template is a popular choice because of its classic feel. The slideshow allows you to highlight more than one image on the home page.

    How to modify it:

    -Add your own images to the slideshow.

    -Change the color scheme to match your brand. 

    By making a few customizations, you can use this template for any industry! Popular industry choices for this template include: Real Estate, Accounting, Dentistry, or any health-related field


    Homestyle Catering 



    Modern and unique, this design is sure to wow any user.

    Ways to modify it:

    -Change the main image strip to a high resolution image of your choice. Comb through the stock image library or import your own!

    -Add more pages by creating anchor links and anchor pages. Remove the pages that you don't need.

    Note that this template is a one-pager, which means you can scroll through the entire website! This also means that it is a bit trickier to customize: take a look at this video to see how to add pages to one-pager sites. 

    Industries that love this design: Graphic Design, Photography, App Showcase, Tech, Fashion, Art, Restaurant


    Career Counselling



    Simple and professional. This template employs a large image strip and a bold tagline. 

    Way to modify it:

    -Change the image strip to another high resolution image. Choose one from the stock image library or upload one of your own!

    -Customize the menu colors.

    -Edit form settings.

    Other industries that choose this design: Law, Real Estate, Education

    Are these your favorites as well? If not, don't fret: take a look through the template library! There are hundreds of designs to help you get started. 

    Questions? Comments? Give us a shout!



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