Our Blog Turns ONE!


    Our Official Website.com Blog began exactly ONE YEAR AGO today!

    To celebrate its one year anniversary, let's take a look back at some of our most popular blog articles:

    Feature Spotlight: Fancy Shapes - March 25, 2015


    Did you know you could use Fancy Shapes to create a logo, add an animated effect, and enhance your brand? 


    The Ultimate Guide to Free Online Places to Promote Your Site - May 26, 2015


    Over 30 spots to get your site out there!


    How to Place Text on Images Like A Pro - July 22, 2015


    Check out this how-to and learn how to overlay text on images in a clear, modern, and creative way.


    5 Incredible Lessons for Entrepreneurs - August 6, 2015


    These inspiring quotes can be that extra motivation that'll help you move towards greatness.


    The Gestalt Principles - Designing With The User in Mind - September 3, 2015


    Gestalt-what? If you've never heard of them, these are surprisingly simple and effective principles to help you create a powerful web design.


    Powerful Ways to Use Strips in Your Web Design - February 17, 2016


    Image or color strips can be very effective on your site! Take a peek to see how it's done.

    We want to give our readers A BIG THANK YOU! Let us know if there is any specific content you would like to see.


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