Overview of Image Gallery Layouts

    A picture's worth a thousand words, so a gallery should be priceless! We've recently rolled out 3 new gallery layouts, so give them a try. Here's an overview of the different layouts you can choose from:





    Clean and modern is the name of the game. Grids display your images in neat columns and rows. Images will be displayed in uniform sizes. 

    Pro-tip: Grids allow for pagination, which is perfect if you have many pictures you want to display. 

    Ideal for an interior design portfolio, artwork showcase, or any one-pager website.





    Quirky yet tidy. Maximize space by organizing images of varying sizes in a collage-style gallery. While it's similar to the Masonry,  the Tiles layout keeps the bottom aligned.

    Ideal for a restaurant food gallery, wedding gallery, or product showcase.




    Need a portfolio layout? Here's the winner. Highlight one image at a time, but display thumbnails of all gallery images. 

    Ideal for a real estate showcase, interior design portfolio,  or portrait photographer portfolio. 





    Similar to the Tiles layout, the masonry compiles images of differing sizes in a single gallery, giving an eclectic and fun feel.

    Ideal for recipe product showcase, craft project portfolio, or product showcase.





    Display one image at a time in order to give each picture their chance to shine. You can customize your slideshow speed and other options to best match your website style.

    Pro tip: try to limit the amount of images in a slideshow to increase the loading time of your site. Keeping the number of images below 5-10 is a good rule of thumb.

    Ideal for any home page!

    Take a look at the different galleries and try out the different styling and title options. Let us know what you think and if you have any requests in the comments below!


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