Powerful Ways to Use Strips in Your Web Design

    Need a truly simple way to instantly make your site seem more modern and exciting? Try a full-width image or color strip. Here are some ways that a strip can add some "oomph" to your web design.

    Use a strip: 

    …for a background with a parallax scrolling effect.



    Drag it to extend across the full length of your content section, or be even more adventurous and drag it to the bottom of your footer for a full length background! Remember to turn the parallax scrolling effect "on" to see the parallax scrolling effect: it's an optical illusion where the background image moves slower than the foreground elements when you scroll, giving an illusion of depth.

    Website.com users: Click on the strip, and choose "Change Style."  In the panel box, make sure "Add parallax effect" is selected. 

    Remember to use an image with a high resolution- this feature will not be effective if the image is not crisp!


    …as a background for everything "above the fold."



    While it's (arguably) not as necessary as before to place your important information and calls to action "above the fold" (what you see on your site before you scroll down), it can be visually stunning to use an image strip in the top section of your website. An interesting image may also encourage users to scroll down the webpage to read more!


    …to visually break up your site.



    Especially if you've created a one-pager site, you can use strips to create different sections. Try alternating between using image and color strips to make things interesting.


    …to highlight a call to action.



    Try using a colour strip to draw attention to a call to action! Direct visitors to sign up for a newsletter, try out your service, or contact you. 


    …to welcome visitors.


    Using an image or color strip under some simple text on top can be a great way to welcome visitors to your site. 



    Using an image or color strip under some simple text can be a great way to welcome visitors to your site. 

    Whew! So many things to do with strips! Who knew?

    By the way, Website.com users, here's how to add a strip to your website:

    Add > Image > Image Strip


    Add >  Shapes & Lines > Strip

    Have any more creative suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Give us a shout in the comments.


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