Scary Marketing Terms EXPLAINED


    Halloween is around the corner! We love to get spooked by bats, spiders and vampires…but marketing jargon? Not so much. Thinking of turning to online advertising to promote your site? Get comfy with these marketing terms so you have one less thing to get intimidated by. 




    "Pay Per Click" 

    Also called cost per click, PPC advertising is a model where you pay whenever your ad is clicked. With search engines, you typically need to bid on keyword phrases that are related to your target market.



    "Click Through Rate" 

    This refers to the number of viewers who either click on your specific advertisement or on a link in your email. 



    "Cost Per Thousand" 

    This is a common way to price web ads - unlike PPC, you are paying for the number of impressions/views your ad receives, instead of the click through rate.



    "Search Engine Marketing" 

    Search engine marketing are tactics to increase your visibility in search engine results.



    "Conversion Rate Optimization"

    CRO is a technique for increasing the number of website visitors into customers, or more generally, into respondents who take any action. Having a landing page, as we wrote about in a previous post, is one way to improve your CRO.


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