The Must-Have Components of a Wedding Website

    You’re getting married! Congratulations! You’ve secured the venue, bought the dress and tux, taken the engagement photos. Now, it’s time to prepare your wedding website. Using a site builder is a great way to save time and have more control over your website development. Ready to start building? Here are the essential components that will make your website sparkle (almost) as brilliantly as your relationship.





    Photo Gallery


    Of course, you need this! Whether you opt for a simple slideshow on the home page, an eclectic masonry look, or an organized grid, a gallery is a great way to display your gorgeous pre-wedding photos. After the wedding, you can add your photos from the big day and share the link with your loved ones so they can take a peek. 

    Website.com users: Add > Gallery

    For an overview of different gallery layouts, check out our article!


    Event Details


    Don’t forget to include the wedding ceremony and/or banquet date and times, as well as the street address of the venue. Adding the Google Maps app would be a considerate addition for your guests. This can avoid confusion and make it more convenient for guests to plan their day.

    Website.com users: Add > Google Maps, and insert the venue address into the field


    RSVP Form OR Contact Email


    Arguably THE most essential component of your site. Allow guests to RSVP with style through your website. Two suggestions for the RSVP page:

    1. Create an online form. 

    Fields should include: First and Last Name, E-mail, Yes/No radio button, and field for additional comments.

    2. Link to your wedding email.

    *Note: all Website.com users receive custom domain email addresses, at no extra charge! This is perfect for creating an email such as RSVP@yourdomainname.com.

    To add a link to your email: Add a text element and link it to your email!




    These aren’t necessities, but they sure are cute:


    Fancy Shape Animations


    Add a fancy shape, and make it dance. A little bit of animation can add a lot of magic to your design. 


    Photos and/or Bios of the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


    Whether you choose to add individual images, or create a gallery, including photos of those special people in your life can make your site much more interesting.


    Bios of the Bride and Groom


    Accompany your individual bios with individual photos.


    Your Story


    Some would call this element an essential component of a wedding website - but couples wanting a minimalistic website might want to leave this one out. Add a text element and share the story of how you lovebirds met, fell in love, and became engaged. After all, if it’s on the website, you won’t have to repeat yourself over and over again when people ask!


    Social Sharing Buttons


    When you’re in love, why not shout it from the rooftops (or Facebook)? Your friends might want to join in on the fun too - allow them to share your wedding website on their own social media profiles. 


    Have we included all the wedding website essentials? Let us know if you’ve got any comments! Ready to start creating your wedding website? Start building right away with Website.com.



    Bryllupsfoto Peteren says (Mar 2, 2017):

    Excellent guide for the web design! Thanks for sharing


    Website.com says (Mar 3, 2017):

    Glad you enjoyed it, Bryllupsfoto! Are you going to implement any of the designs in your website?

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