The Ultimate Guide to Free Online Places to Promote Your Site


    You know what they say: the best things in life are free. We've scoured the internet to stack up a comprehensive list of effective, popular, and best of all, FREE places to promote your site online. Whether you're working under a tiny budget or have a mansion in the hills to your name, these free online spots are worth checking out.

    Social Media

    We've said it before, and we'll say it again: you need to get social. Get a chance to branch out to a broader audience, and don't miss out on an opportunity to interact with your clients.



    -Instagram*mainly used on mobile




    Directory Listings

    Potential clients use online directories to find places that offer specific services or to look up precise contact information. Make sure you're not missing out. Get in on these directories:


    -Google My Business 


    -Yahoo Localworks


    -Yellow Pages

    -Super Pages


    Blogging Platforms/ Submissions

    Be an expert in your field and submit articles for your niche interest. Ensure that your writing is interesting, relevant, and useful to readers- this isn't the place to be hard-selling your products.




    Search Engines

    Search engines are often the number one source of traffic for websites, so make sure you're not getting left out in the cold! Make sure search engines know that your site exists; certain search engines allow you to submit your site directly, while others rely on information from other search engines. For example, Duck Duck Go uses results from Bing and Yahoo. Regardless, submit to the search engines that allow it, and improve your SEO to increase your chances of being seen. 






    Live Streaming Services

    Live streaming services are becoming more and more popular with businesses. Most of them allow audiences to interact and send in their questions before or during the live video stream. Hold some impromptu Q&A sessions, show off how a feature works in real time, ask your audience questions to get instant feedback, or get ideas from your audience for your next product launch. 

    -Google Hangouts in Air

    -Meerkat*mainly for mobile

    -Periscope*mainly for mobile

    Photo Organization/ Sharing Tools

    Website users are visual creatures. These programs will let you edit, organize, and share your photos. You can also link back to your website.





    Press Release Distribution

    While free press release distribution sites might not be used by the top tier news outlets, you can still generate a bit of buzz with mid-level news sources and get your name out there. 




    Go ahead, start promoting your website! What's your favourite free spot to promote your website? Give us a shout in the comments.


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