Ways to Create a Killer Logo 


    Whether you're creating a personal website and looking to market yourself as a brand, or simply trying to come up with a fun, creative way to show what your company's about, you'll probably want to have a logo visible on your website. Logos are exceptional ways to communicate your brand message so it's no wonder that there's a huge section of design dedicated to logo creation. Although you might not be a professional logo designer, here are 5 tips for creating a killer logo for your website.

    1) Colour speaks

    If you've taken a look at our last blog article, you'll see that colour can play a huuuge part in how something is perceived. For this reason, you'll want to pay mind to the colours used in your logo and if they portray what you want to say with your logo. But remember, a great logo is also effective in black and white too, which is why sketching and iteration is of utmost importance

    2) Graphic or Type?

    You'll also want to decide if you want to have a graphic logo, which simply uses an image to portray it's meaning, or if you want a logotype which will have the name of your company, self, or brand. Logotypes are great if your brand has a unique or clever name, whereas a logo is a great identifier if your name is more generic. An example of a logo would be the Apple logo, and a logotype would be the Coca Cola logo.

    3) Keep it simple

    A common problem with logo design is creating a logo that tries to say everything about your company at once. Some advice? Keep it simple. Think about some of the most iconic logos today: the Apple apple, the Twitter bird, the Nike swoosh. They're all simple and say more by showing less.

    4) Think about location

    Your logo should look good everywhere. Today people are viewing websites on various devices. For this reason, your logo should work wherever it's viewed. This means paper too. Think about how your logo would look from a distance, and definitely get some outside feedback. You may become too attached to your design and not see the big picture when it's just not working.

    5) Don't be afraid to use online tools

    You don't necessarily need to be a master of Photoshop or Illustrator. You can use online tools and websites to make your job easier. For example, the Website.com Fancy Shape tool is great for creating a unique logo. Other websites like logomaker.com are great and free, although most will usually charge to download a high resolution image. Also feel free to view other companies logos- one might be the spark you need to ignite your imagination.

    Designing doesn't have to be stressful. What's important is that you're happy with your logo and what it portrays. With these tips and your limitless imagination, you'll be creating a killer logo in no time. If you have any more tips or want to share your logo ideas, leave them in the comments below.


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