Web Design DIY: Massive Background Images


    When it comes to background images these days, bigger is better. Using a massive image background is a simple way to wow your visitors, grab attention, and create a sleek, modern feel. Here are 3 ways to achieve this look:

    1. Take a photo

    If you've got an eye for photography, why not capture the perfect image yourself?  If you have your own business, try taking photos of your office space. Go stir crazy with your ideas! For some more tips on taking your own background images, check out this article we wrote

    A good rule of thumb is to have an image which is 1400-1920 pixels in width, or with a resolution of 72 or 96 dpi. The challenge is to keep your file size low so that your site will load quickly, while maintaining a high image quality so the image isn't too pixel-y. One way to achieve this would be to use an image compressor. Check out this free one.

    2. Hire a professional

    We get it, not everyone can be a whiz with a DSLR. Consider hiring a professional to help you achieve the look you want. Again, remember that you want to have a large image size so that the image will look crisp, while making sure the file size isn't making your website turtle slow. 

    3. Use a professional stock photo

    If you don't have the budget or time for the above suggestions, have no fear! Your Website.com account is preloaded with hundreds of stock images. Choose a larger image to make sure it will display well. You can also look through the background images to make your search easier.



    Keep in mind: this bad boy isn't for everyone. Don't lose sight of the the user experience in the pursuit of a great-looking site. If your website is very text-heavy, an image background may not be the best choice for you. Make sure the typography is compatible with the background image. As well, if you plan to include a lot of smaller images on your site, a large background image might make your site look too messy. Overall, always keep the audience and experience in mind as you go ahead with your snazzy designs.



    photography backgrounds says (Jan 11, 2017):

    Nice photography


    Website.com says (Jan 13, 2017):

    Thanks! These are actually included with our site builder packages :) Do you have any photography you'd like to share?

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