Women You Should Know About

    International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th of every year. On this day, we celebrate and appreciate the achievements of women everywhere! We also recognize and work towards solving the inequalities that women still face today in economic, political, and social landscapes. 

    In honour of this day, we've listed a few women- from activists to entrepreneurs- that we think you should be paying attention to:


    Malala Yousafzai


    -Shot by the Taliban for going to school, Malala is an activist and the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for speaking out for female education.


    Rosa Parks


    -A civil rights activist who helped to spark the Civil Rights Movement by refusing to surrender her bus seat to a white passenger.


    Sheryl Sandberg


    -The COO of Facebook, Sheryl is also an author and activist, with an emphasis on developing women leaders.


    Amy Poehler


    -As an actress, comedian, author, producer and writer, Amy is a leader in the entertainment industry- and fully adept at juggling multiple hats. 



    Mary Kay Ash


    -The founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Mary Kay triumphed despite personal and familial struggles. 



    Allison Hampel


    -Our very own Website.com user and owner of Expressions Dance, Allison's passion for dance pushed her to follow her dreams and open her own dance studio.


    Sally Anderson


    -Another one of our Website.com users and owner of Sally Anderson LMHC, Sally opened her own counseling practice in order to create a nurturing space for her clients.


    We hope you feel inspired by these amazing women! Have any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments. Happy International Women's Day!


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