Thank You Pages: Don’t Miss Another Opportunity

You’ve probably come across a thank you page without evening realizing it because it comes in so many different forms.  When you complete your online order or when you sign up to be on a mailing list, you’re redirected to a thank you page.  These are all examples of thank you pages, and its powers are largely overlooked!

The purpose of a thank you page is not just to say “thank you”.  When a visitor takes action on your page, it shows that they trust your site.  They trust you enough to give you their contact information and maybe some other details about themselves in exchange for your content, so why not use this foundation of trust as an opportunity to open them up to more?

Here are some of the things you can do to grab those opportunities.

Ask them to follow you on social media

Your visitors already trust you enough to part with their valuable information, why not build on this trust and connect with them on social media?  Include your social media handles on your thank you page and tell your visitors what they can gain by following your accounts.  Once they start following you, it will be easy for you to follow up with them with product information, special deals and offers.

Follow up with a special offer

Have you noticed that whenever you make a purchase from Amazon, they will always recommend other products for you to buy after you’ve checked out?  Amazon is a master of using thank you pages this way.

Offering special offers or products on your thank you page is a great idea.  If the visitor is comfortable enough to make a purchase or a submission, there’s really nothing stopping them from making a second.  Limited time offers work especially well on thank you pages because they give the visitor more urgency to take action.

Showcase your best content

Besides letting your visitors know that you appreciate their interest, a thank you page is perfect for giving them quick shortcuts to other pages you have on your site.  You can use this page to guide them to relevant and trending content on your website.  This could be a blog post, a video, a PDF download, or anything that you think will be useful to your visitors.

No matter what your mission is, a thank you page is a sure-fire way to get you more clicks, and up your marketing game.  Now you can try it out with our Site Builder!  Here’s how to get started:

How to create a thank you page for your contact form

You can easily create a thank you page in 3 steps:

1. Add and design your thank you page

2. Hide the page from your menu

3. Add the page URL to your contact form for redirection

Add and design your thank you page

The first step in creating a thank you page is to add and design the page. This is essentially the same steps you would take to create any other pages on your website.

1. Open your editor and click the Pages dropdown at the top left.

2. Click Add Page and select Blank Template.

3. Enter the page name into the Name field and when ready, click Done.


4. Design your thank you page by adding in the various elements and tools you need. Here’s a thank you page that we’ve created as an example.


Hide the thank you page from the menu

By default, your site menu will list all the pages on your website. Because the thank you page should only be displayed after a visitor clicks on the Submit button on your contact form, you need to hide the page from your site menu.

1. From the top left menu, click on the Pages dropdown.

2. Click the Settings icon next to the thank you page.

3. On the Page Settings window, check the Hide from menu option.

4. Then, click Done.

Add the page URL to your contact form

Once you have created your thank you page and have hid it from your site menu, you will need to add the page URL to your form settings.

1. Open your contact page on your editor.

2. Click on the contact form to open the Webform menu.

3. Select Form Settings.

4. Under the General tab, enter the thank you page’s URL into the Page Redirection URL field.


5. When ready, click Done.

That’s it!  We hope you enjoyed reading our take on Thank You Pages and got a chance to try it out on our Site Builder.

Happy Clicking!



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