Add Functionality To Your Website with Sections

Website Functionality Through Sections

The Simple Editor makes it easy to add features to your website with prebuilt web page sections. Find out how to add functionality to your website in the easiest way possible using the site builder:

Video transcript:

Hi everyone! In this video, I’ll show you how to add functionality to your website by adding sections.

The Simple Editor is the fastest and easiest way to make a website. The reason for this is because unlike other website builders, you build your entire website by adding prebuilt sections, rather than individual free floating elements. 

This makes it super easy to make a beautiful website without much time or design experience. 

Just browse through the different sections to add the functionality you want.

For example, let’s add a new section to this page under this one. 

Just click Add Section.

If you want to add a contact form, we’ll choose Contact Form so that website visitors can submit their information to contact you. 

So you’ll see the different kind of contact form sections you can add.

I’ll choose one with the fields that I need for my form. I’ll choose Feedback. I can click on the section, and on the left I’ll customize the title.

I’ll also customize the description.

Now that I’m finished with adding this section, I want to add a photo gallery. 

I want to add this above my contact section, so I’ll click on the section about it, and click Add Section.

Now I’ll choose Image Gallery.

I’ll choose the layout that I like.

Now I’ll go ahead and add the images that I want. You can also add titles and descriptions for them as well. 

If I want to change the color of this section, I’ll just go back, and click Change Colors and Layout for the section.

So that’s it! You’ll see how easy it is to add functionality to your website by adding website sections. 

You can browse through the sections to see that you can add: social media links, google maps, video banners, and even custom HTML sections.

Let us know how you like the website builder! Thanks for watching.