Build Your Multilingual Site With Translate with Google

Did you know that you can easily translate the text on your site with just a few clicks? Powered by Google translate, the Translate with Google tool is an especially amazing tool if you want to quickly build multiple language versions of your site.

Here’s how to use Translate with Google:

1)Click on an element 

2)Click the “Translate” icon button

Click to Translate

3)Search for the language you wish to translate the text to, and click the translate button

Translate with Google

You’re done! Be sure to proofread the translated text to ensure that the grammar flows (and isn’t robot-like)!

French Translated

Our suggestion for using Google Translate is to help you build your multilingual site! Here’s how:

1)Create your pages for your primary language

2)Click on Page to open the pages view

Open Pages View

3)Click Manage Languages

Pages View

Manage Languages

4)Add a language

Add Language

5)Select the pages you’d like to clone to add to your new language

Clone Pages

6)On your newly cloned pages, use Translate with Google to translate text on each element (see above for how to use this feature!)

Select Cloned Page

*Note that we started with a multilingual template.

Remember to proofread the newly-translated text for grammar and natural flow!