Easily Add Links On Your Website

Add links on your website

You can add a variety of different links on your website, with just a few clicks!

Add links to images, text, buttons, and website menu items. Link to web pages or sections on your website, or to external websites or files! Find out how in this video:

Video transcript:

Hi everyone! In this video I’m going to show you how you can easily add links to your website elements! 

I’ll go over how to add links, how to link to other sections on your web page, how to link to other web pages, or how to link to external websites. 

It’s super easy with the website.com site builder, so let’s get started.

So here’s the template that I started with. So you can easily add links to your images, text or buttons. 

For example, I’ll add a link to this image here. Just click right on the image.

You’ll see on the left that you can add a link with Link To. We’ll click on that.

On the top, you’ll see that you can add links within your website, either to a page or file. 

You can also add links to a web address, you can have this image open up in a lightbox, which is a way to showcase the image by having it open up to be larger while the rest of the screen darkens. 

You can also link it to your email or phone number. 

I’ll click Page.

Now you can choose which web page you want to link to. 

Under Site Page, you can choose the page. And under section in page, you can choose which section you want to link the element to. 

So for example, I may want to link this image on home to the About Debora section down below.

So we’ll go to preview, and you’ll see that if you click this image, it will scroll down to the About Debora section. 

Now I’ll go back to the editor, and show you how easy it is to link a button to lead to another web page. 

In the hero section, I’ll add a Secondary Button, and change the label to Book an Appointment. 

Under Link To, we’ll choose to link it to Page, and then Contact Us page.

Now I’m going to show you how to add a link to an external website. This time, we’re going to add a link to text. 

So in the Testimonial section, I may want to link a client testimonial to their website, so I’ll click on the section. Under description on the left, I’ll add their business name. 

Now I’ll highlight the text I want to add a link to, and then click this link icon. 

Now I can add a link to web address, and insert the url for their website! 

I’m also going to choose to open the link in a new window. 

So let’s go to the preview and see what that looks like. 

The last thing we’re going to do is add a menu item, and link it to a section within a page.

This is extremely useful if you want to make a one pager website, or highlight a certain section on your page without adding a brand new page. 

I’m going to go back to start by clicking the Wesbite.com icon here. And now I’ll just click on Manage Pages, and then click Add New Menu Item.

Now under Add New Link, we’ll choose Section in Page. 

I want to add a website menu item that will go to the Testimonials section on the home page, so I’ll choose Site Page: Home and then I’ll choose to link it to my testimonials section that I have in that page.

I’ll quickly rearrange the order of this new menu item.

And now I’ll go to the preview and show you what this looks like!

So if you click Testimonials it will scroll down the home page to the testimonials section on the page.

So you’ll see it’s super easy to add links to elements in your website! There are so many different types of links you can add in just a few clicks. Thanks for watching!